Friday, February 26, 2010

Frightening Friday 2/26/10

If you are new to this blog today, please see Frightening Friday posts from the Archives for context.

This evening I decided to leave the cross in my vehicle and challenge myself to walk around the mall and give out gospel tracts when I first arrived. That turned out to be a pretty good plan. Shortly after I walked into the mall via my usual entrance I noticed that something was missing......hmmmm........that would be the bench that I usually sit on.......two benches actually, back to back with a very large wooden planter, complete with greenery. The whole configuration was gone. In its place was a large empty space. (I left the picture here for the visual). Perhaps my spot was a little more noticeable than I gave it credit for. This thought became clearer to me when I noticed the place where the bench had been moved. It would be like comparing the evening traffic found on a country road (lit only by the starry sky) with that of a an oft-used highway (shining from the glow of the street lamps). Admittedly, I was mentally shaken by this event for a few minutes, but I shook it from my mind and made my way around the mall handing out gospel tracts (while doing a little bench scouting work for my next trip there). I challenged myself to hand out 20 tracts this evening and was able to exceed the goal by a few.

Please pray for those who received the gospel in their hands this evening.

P.S. I would also appreciate prayer for boldness (love for others) and for a passion to proclaim the gospel with all that I meet.

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