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Katrina's Musings 12/30/13 (fear of forgetting)

During this past Christmas season I found myself very distracted by the busyness of the world. Consequently, I felt panicked and depressed and joyless for much of this year's season. I would have told you that I was focusing on the Lord because I had enough "Spiritual activities" mixed in there to make me feel that way, but my overall demeanor and mood was truly reflecting what was going on in my heart. I had abandoned reading my Bible and praying for Christmas shopping and event planning. As a result, I was not focused on the Lord.

About two weeks ago, I knew this turmoil was going on inside me, and I called a good friend to ask her to pray for me about it. In the absence of reaching her in person, I left voicemail messages for her describing what was going on and asking for prayer. She responded in kind. My friend reminded me that my state before God was not dependent upon my actions. God had not changed. God was the same today as He was yesterday. My condition before …

Merry Christmas 12/25/13

Merry Christmas from the Oseids!

May you know Christ and treasure Him as the greatest gift now and through the coming year. 

Christmas Musings 12/23/13

Tonight on this Christmas Eve eve, Greg was out shopping with his brother (a tradition for them on Christmas Eve eve), so I stopped at a local fast food joint to grab a bite to eat before heading home. As I sat in the restaurant and ate my meal, Christmas music (loosely called so) was playing over the speakers. The song that was playing when I first sat down was of the "head banging" variety, loud, fast-paced with screaming lyrics. The lead singer was screaming (literally) the words "Merry Christmas to You! Merry Christmas to You! I hope you get everything you deserve this year!" (that was the chorus). As I listened to the song, I was struck by the reality that this particular song was everything that Christmas is not. It was loud and chaotic while Christ's entrance into this world was meek and mild. It spoke of getting what you deserve when Christmas is about the exact opposite. Jesus Christ (God in the flesh) entered this world in human form to give us what w…

Christmas Musings12/21/13

If you're on this blog today because you received a "Christmas pack" (a little bag with candy, Christmas message, and a gospel tract) from me in a store or restaurant etc., please know you are invited to attend our Christmas service at Bible Baptist Church, Sunday December 22, 2013. Click here for church details. Hope to see you there.

Cookie Baking Night 12/16/13

Tonight was Cookie Baking Night. In attendance this evening: Ethan, Carissa, and Alli. We made Christmas Cookies tonight: One-Eyed Susans and Sugar Cookies with cream cheese frosting.

We interrupted our regularly scheduled chapter from Sammy and His Shepherd this evening to read from the Bible. We read passages about the birth of Jesus. We read from Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 2:1-14. 
The children also helped me put a few ornaments on our Christmas tree (as Greg and I hadn't completed decorating it yet). 

Ethan (at 10) is already taller than I am, so he was able to put some ornaments near the top of the tree.

This year, I finally completed a project I've had in the back of my mind for several years. I made ornaments for the tree that have Bible verses about Jesus on them. The children (Ethan and Carissa) took turns reading the Bible verses aloud, and then they (Ethan, Carissa, and Alli) would hang the ornament on the tree. 
The verses are as follows: 
For God so loved the world …

Niece and Nephew Christmas Party 2013

Today was our 10th annual Niece and Nephew Christmas Party. In attendance this year: Kylie (14), Emily (13), Ethan (10), Carissa (8), and Alli (3). In Minnesota, you never know what winter will bring. Last weekend we had no snow, and it was about 40 degrees. Today, however, on the ground was a foot of snow we had received earlier in the week, and the temperature was a balmy -1 degree F (at noon). The temperature gave us a few moments of pause as our planned activity was a hay/sleigh ride at a local park/stables facility, but being the hearty Minnesotans that we are, we told the children to bundle up, canceled the scheduled campfire for after the sleigh ride, and proceeded with our plans.

First, we party at the Oseid home. Every year we participate in a few traditional activities, one of them being decorating a gingerbread cookie. This year, we decorated a cookie in the shape of a house. As you can see from the pictures below, each person (from the youngest to the oldest) has their own…