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Birthday Musings

Today, my niece Kylie turns 13 years old. Tomorrow Emily will be 12. A couple weekends ago I took the birthday cousins out for a birthday adventure. Often, I ask them what they want to do, but this year I went with the element of surprise. They knew we would be spending the day together, but that's all they knew. 
For their birthdays this year we went on a chocolate scavenger hunt. At the beginning of our trip, I gave them each a bag to collect items,$20.00, and a list of items they needed to obtain/complete by the end of the day. For a little healthy competition, they competed against me in this little game. 
Here's the list of items we had to obtain/complete: 
 • Chocolate in the shape of a flower
 • A picture of you giving a piece of chocolate to someone over 6 feet tall
 • Chocolate in a neon green wrapper
 • A picture of you eating a piece of chocolate next to a bear
 • A piece of fruit-flavored chocolate
 • A piece of chocolate with a weird ingredient in it
 • Something…

Cookie Baking Night 11/26/12

Tonight was Cookie Baking Night. In attendance this evening: Ethan and Carissa. We made pumpkin bread using the pumpkin we cooked in the oven a few weeks ago (I had it in the freezer until tonight). Click here to read the pumpkin-baking post. The kids still had a hard time understanding that we were using the whole pumpkin, cooked, and not just the insides of it even though they saw the whole process with their own eyes. Ahh, the cooked pumpkin, a mysterious concept indeed.
This we could all agree on: It smelled delicious while it was baking, and it tasted yummy.

We also read lessons 82 and 83 from Leading Little Ones to God by Marian Schoolland. We have only 3 lessons left and we'll have completed the book. Ethan read Revelation 1:4-7 for us from the Bible.

As usual, a fun time was had by all.

Evangelism Musings (Black Friday FollowUp)

On Thanksgiving Day, I recruited a couple laborers at our Thanksgiving feast, and they helped me put together 120 packs to give out on Black Friday. Each pack contained a granola bar or equivalent thereof, a gospel tract, a personal message about the meaning of Christmas, and our church business card/gospel tract. Click here (or scroll down the page) to read the original post and the contents of the Christmas messages.

My friend put together 120 packs as well, and this morning (at the early hour of 4:00 am) we headed out to two local businesses and distributed them all in the matter of an hour (with about 15 minutes travel time between the two places). We found people to be very receptive. We usually approached them by saying "We wanted to be your first giveaway of the day. Merry Christmas!" Only a handful of people (less than 10) said "No. Thank you." And that's as "rude" as it got this morning. We praise God for His protection and for letting us pu…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Praise the LORD! Praise O servants of the LORD,  Praise the name of the LORD! Blessed be the name of the LORD from this time forth and forevermore! From the rising of the sun to its going down the LORD's name is to be praised.
Psalm 113: 1-3
May the Lord be thanked and praised today and everyday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Evangelism Musings (Upcoming Black Friday)

Black Friday is just around the corner--an evangelistic opportunity in our backyards. For a couple years now, a friend and I have put together some bags, arisen in the dark of the morning, and went to the masses standing in line to get into the stores. I'm posting this at the early part of the week because it's not too late to do something. Feel free to use this idea or come up with another one. Many, many gospel opportunities exist within that day.

Here's what we do:
We assemble small plastic baggies that contain:
a gospel tract (the good news of Jesus Christ)a treat (sustenance for the weary shopper)our church business card (should God call them unto Him and regeneration occur in their hearts, they'll need a good church to attend)a personal message I have two messages that I've written and use in my "Christmas packs" during this season. I'm posting them both here for your consideration. Use them, change them, ignore them as you wish. 
Message A


Cookie Baking Musings

Tonight is an off night for Cookie Baking, so I thought I would share a story from last time. As we were finishing up supper, we were talking about how Allison (our youngest niece) will be old enough to join us for Cookie Baking Nights in August (the official start age is 3).

I said, "We'll need to be patient with her and show her the rules."

Emily said, "Okay, but we don't really have many rules here at Cookie Baking Night. Well,  just the normal ones like the Ten Commandments and don't run with scissors."

Yep. That pretty much sums it up, I guess ... just the normal ones.

Cookie Baking Night 11/12/12

Tonight was Cookie Baking Night. In attendance this evening: Emily, Ethan, and Carissa. Tonight was Emily's birthday choice. The birthday honoree always chooses what we have for supper and the cookie we bake that night. For supper, Emily chose mashed potatoes, hamburger gravy, green bean casserole, and pineapple. For her cookie, she chose a cute little turkey cookie that we saw in one of those grocery aisle cookbooks. (Her birthday isn't until the end of the month, but we moved up her birthday choice night so she could have the cookies in time for Thanksgiving). 

This particular project took a little prep on my part. I cut out (with a flower-shaped cookie cutter) the cookies and baked them the day before. 
Another tip: Grocery stores with bakeries in them will often sell you colored frosting they use to decorate cakes. I purchased the colors we needed from the local bakery and filled the pastry bags the night before as well.

The children did a great job. It was their first t…

Katrina's Musings (Pursuit of God quote)

An ever so timely quote from A.W. Tozer's book The Pursuit of God (chapter 8, pgs 94-95)

"In determining relationships we must begin somewhere. There must be somewhere a fixed center against everything else is measured, where the law of relativity does not enter and we can say "IS" and make no allowances. Such a center is God. When God would make His name known to mankind He could find no better word than "I AM." When He speaks in the first person He says, "I am"; when we speak of Him we say, "He is"; when we speak to Him we say, "You are." Everyone and everything else measures from that fixed point. "I am that I am," says God, "I change not." (Exodus 3:14).

As the sailor locates his position on the sea by "shooting" the sun, so we may get our moral bearings by looking at God. We must begin with God. We are right when, and only when, we stand in the right position relative to God, and we are wrong…

Cookie Baking Musings 11/05/12

Tonight is an off night for Cookie Baking, but I thought I would take this time to share a memory from a few weeks ago. Ethan, Carissa, and I were working on a project at the dining room table. Greg had eaten supper with us and then left. He was running in and out of the house and then left in his van (or so I thought). While we were at the table, we heard noise coming from downstairs. Since we thought we were the only people in the house, this was a little disturbing. I decided to go downstairs and check on the noise. As I started down the stairs, Ethan said "I'm going with you." Ethan is a very curious guy, so the idea that he wanted to check out what was going on somewhere else in the house was not a surprise. But what did surprise me was that I could tell this was more than curiosity. He said the statement with a bit of authority. It was obvious at that moment that he was going with me to protect me. (He is a 5 foot 5 inch tall 9-year-old, so at the very least it wou…

Isaiah 40:3-9

I wanted to share this video from Paul Latour at The Word Street Journal. Click here for the full post. Whether it's open air preaching on the streets of Ottawa, Canada, handing out tracts, or proclaiming God's Word from the mountain tops (literally), Paul and Kim Latour never cease to amaze me with their endless ways of praising the Lord. I am grateful for them and their ministry (in Canada and on the blogosphere). May men see their works and glorify God who is heaven.