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Cookie Baking Night 03/09/15

Tonight was Cookie Baking Night. In attendance this evening: Ethan, Carissa, Alli, and Rylar. We've been experiencing unseasonably warm weather in Minnesota this week (very spring like) so in light of that (and because my Dad-Larry loves these and requested them), tonight we made our springtime tradition the "Spring Bird Nest" cookies just a little earlier than usual.

Chow mien noodles, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and candy eggs is what it takes to make this recipe. 

Favorite part: putting on the candy eggs

Tonight was the first night this year we were able to get out for a walk, and it felt good. 

As one who is always looking for resources to teach children about God, tonight I decided to try out a new resource that I heard very good reviews about: Everything a Child Should Know About God by Kenneth A. Taylor. It is designed for ages 3-6 years old, but upon reading a few pages, I think 6 years old might be pushing it. It is geared to the understa…