Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Katrina's Musings (The Hired Help)

If I don't keep careful watch over my activities during the Christmas season, I could spend most of my time baking cute things. I used to host cookie exchanges and make lots and lots of candies and cookies and sell them at Christmas time. After God regenerated my heart, He started to change my focus at Christmas as well. At first, the change came in that I would pick a Christian charity (like Voice of the Martyrs) and all the proceeds from my baking sales would go toward that charity (I raised quite a bit of money that way). Slowly, as God shows me that my activities at Christmas time and my focus (obsession really) on baking speaks what I care about to the world, my baking activities have taken a back seat. I still have one "order" that I fill at Christmas time for 10 boxes of chocolate mice. This year, I sublet the job. I told my niece Emily that if she wanted to make the mice I would give her the proceeds (minus a small supply fee) from the job. She eagerly agreed. 

So, Emily came over to my house tonight, ate supper with us, and then we (some me, mostly she) made the 10 boxes of mice. It was good for her to see all that is involved in "completing an order". She will receive $40.00 for her efforts this evening, and she earned every penny of it. 

First, you sort out the "ears" (sliced almonds)

Then you unwrap the "heads" (Hershey kisses)

Then you dip the cherry in melted almond bark as the "body", put the cherry and the candy and the almonds together to form the mouse. 

Then you decorate them with "holly and berries" (frosting)

Then you box them up and send them on their way. 

Good job, kiddo!


  1. Great,great job.lot of small little body parts to put to gather.sure love that little worker

  2. What a great job she did! Those are so neat looking but quite a bit of work. What a wonderful opportunity for Emily to work and earn money!

  3. Thanks for the comments Charlene, Jenny, and Anonymous (Mom). I agree. She did a great job. She's been helping me with this project since she was 2 (really, she took an interest in it at that early of an age), and now she is just the right age to take it on herself.


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