Friday, February 19, 2010

Frightening Friday 02/19/10

This evening I found myself at what has become my regular Friday night evangelism spot (for the winter months, anyway), the local mall. I try to spend at least 30 minutes sitting on the bench, reading my Bible, with the cross next to me and 30 minutes walking around the mall handing out gospel tracts.

Tonight there was an unusually high amount of traffic for my little corner of the mall (okay, I admit it, the chicken in me has chosen a lower-traffic entrance at which to make my perch). But this evening many, many people saw me and read the question on the cross. A few people commented but no one directed their conversation to me this evening.

On a side note: The Lord has been gracious to me in the choosing of this particular mall. Every time I'm there the security guards walk by me at least once (sometimes twice in a period of 30 minutes), but they've never said a word to me. I'm grateful I've been allowed this unchallenged opportunity thus far.

After my time on the bench, I walked around and handed out gospel tracts. I can easily walk around for hours and never hand out a tract or try to engage anyone in conversation. Knowing this about myself, I usually set a goal of how many tracts to hand out before I go home. Tonight the goal was 5, which I exceeded before I left (as I usually do, but without the goal I just walk around the mall for an hour or more, flapping my little chicken wings, until I finally go home).

Please pray for those who received the gospel in their hands this evening and those who were challenged by the words, "Are You Ready?" written on the terrible and beautiful symbol on which Christ gave His life for our sins.

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