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Blog Musings

If you've been around my blog any length of time, you'll know that one of my favorite evangelism blogs is that belonging to Paul Latour at The Word Street Journal. I hope you're checking it out on a regular basis. Paul and his wife, Kim, continue to encourage and challenge fellow Christians with their zeal for sharing the gospel on the streets of Ottawa Canada.

Recently, Paul shared about a fatal bus accident that occurred in his city. Click here to read this post and find out how the gospel was shared during this tragic time. May we be so gospel-minded ourselves.

Friendship Musings

This past weekend my good friend, Kim, and I celebrated our 12-year friendship anniversary with a road trip to Schaumburg, Illinois. We were privileged to attend the Revive 13 conference hosted by Revive Our Hearts radio ministry. This particular conference focuses on women in leadership roles in their churches. The speakers this year were: Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Paul Tripp, and Elyse Fitzpatrick (need I say more--so good). 

Kim and I were also able to spend some time with Melissa (pictured below) over the weekend. We met Melissa at the very end (literally, it was the last few minutes) of the conference we attended in 2011. Melissa and I have been in contact several times in the past two years via e-mail, texting, and phone conversations. I was happy to hear she was attending the conference again. Kim and I were able to sit with her during the conference main sessions and enjoy dinner together both nights of the conference. It was a lovely time. 

All the speakers were very good, each sp…

Cookie Baking Night 09/23/13

Tonight was Cookie Baking Night. In attendance this evening: Ethan, Carissa, and Alli.

Greg has traveled so much this summer that he hasn't joined us at a Cookie Baking Night in quite some time (he usually eats supper with us on those nights).  It was good to have him with us tonight. 

Due to an unexpected change in schedule last night, I took a little detour from the "year of the cookie" and went with the ever so easy pumpkin bar for the evening. This recipe provides a lot of activity for the children, and they really enjoy it. 
As you can see (above) there is opportunity for measuring ...

Cracking eggs ...

Stirring batter ...

And don't forget frosting the bars and adding the candy pumpkins ...

Since we now have a younger one in our midst, we decided to change devotional books for the time being to allow for participation from everyone. (We'll return to God's Names by Sally Michael at another time). We're now reading "Sammy and His Shepherd" by…

Book Musings (Depression: Looking Up From The Stubborn Darkness)

"Whenever there is suffering, and depression is most surely suffering, there are always questions that we must consider about God and our relationship to him. We can avoid these questions when everything is going well, but hardships always uncover these submerged realities. We can't avoid questions about God when depression comes knocking on our door.

At this point, here is what you know: Life is lifeless. Misery tinges everything. Your first reaction is, 'How can I get rid of this as quickly as possible?' And there is merit to decreasing pain quickly, if it's possible. But depression should also be approached carefully. It might be pointing to important matters of the heart that are crying out for attention. Ignore them and they will just call back later. There are times when depression is saying something and we must listen."

Depression: Looking Up From The Stubborn Darkness by Ed Welch

Cookie Baking Musings 09/16/13

Recently, I caught a few minutes of a program where Josh McDowell was speaking on raising children in this "internet" world. He said the key to it is relationships between parents and children. He made this statement: "Rules without relationships lead to rebellion." This struck a chord with me because it summed up my philosophy concerning Cookie Baking Nights. The entire reason I started Cookie Baking Nights with my nieces and nephews 10 years ago was because I wanted a way to have an ongoing relationship with them. I was very aware that children eventually go through some kind of crisis (call it crisis of conscience, crisis of identity, crisis of morality, crisis of spirituality, crisis of self-righteousness). Whatever the crisis may be, it is next to impossible to step into the life of someone you barely know and expect them to respect and listen to you. That is most effectively done through the avenue of relationship. From 1 year olds to 21 year olds, this is th…

Cookie Baking Night 09/09/13

Tonight was Cookie Baking Night. In attendance this evening: Emily and Alli. Tonight the request was for a Sesame Street Cookie, so what better character for the occasion than Cookie Monster?

Due to some road construction on the way home, I was the last one to arrive at Cookie Baking Night this evening, so things were running a little behind schedule. While I prepared supper, Emily and Alli sat at the kitchen table and colored a Cookie Monster headband. 

After supper, we commenced with the cookie decorating (I pre-baked the sugar cookies due to time constraints, used a small flower cookie cutter shape). We used a "grass" tip on the pastry bag, which made the frosting come out looking like fur. The girls loved it! 

I found the recipe/instructions at this blog site (oddly enough, a blog titled Katrina's Kitchen). I made a few adjustments to the recipe since my decorators were an all-kid crew, and I think we came up with a pretty cute product in the end. 

We also had time …

Evangelism Musings 09/07/13

If you're looking for evangelism opportunities, they are everywhere. Sometimes, they involve spending a day handing out gospel tracts at a large event. Sometimes they involve spending a day at a large event trying to have conversations with people about the gospel. Sometimes they involve street preaching and publicly proclaiming the gospel in the open air. Sometimes they involve being in the right place at the right time (aka God's sovereign hand) to share the gospel with a coworker, a neighbor, a friend, or a stranger. Sometimes they involve inviting a friend, coworker, or neighbor to church where you know the gospel will be preached. This I know, gospel opportunities come in many shapes and sizes (many packages). I would recommend not limiting yourself to one avenue. I also know this, if you don't make your life about sharing the gospel, you won't be ready when the opportunity is in front of you.

Several years ago now, I wrote my own gospel tract because 1) I was (an…

Cookie Baking Musings 09/01/13

Tonight is an off night for Cookie Baking Night, so I thought I would use the post to share a few of my "Cookie Baking Musings". Last week was Alli's first time at Cookie Baking Night. I found the evening left me very nostalgic. All night long, I kept thinking of the other children and what they were like when they first started and how they have developed as little people over the years. I'll share some of those thoughts with you now:

Emily was actually a little younger than the rest when she started. She was 2 years old. I remember she was obsessed with washing her hands. If anything got on her hands, she would hold up her little finger and say "I'll be right back". Sometimes she would wash her little hands 10 times during the cookie baking part of the evening. She's still a hand washer, but maturity has brought moderation. During those early years, Emily also ate everything with a spoon. I remember the convernsation we had several times duri…