Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Niece Musings (cookie contest)

Tonight my niece, Emily, and I spent some time together. Her middle school is hosting a cookie contest on Friday of this week, and Emily thought this would be right up her alley. She wanted to make Cinnamon Polar Bears because she thought the chances of someone else making that same cookie would be slim. The contest will be judged on appearance, uniformity, and taste. The cookie had to be baked, nothing dipped or no-bake.

Trying to get the cookie uniform was a challenge for us. Usually these cookies are of varying shapes and sizes, but this activity gave us a great opportunity to exercise some discipline over ourselves. I think we came out with a pretty cute cookie.

Emily also made her own Christmas card this year, but in this age of electronic gadgets, she hasn't done much letter writing. She brought her cards with her and we had a little tutoring session in "how to address and mail a letter" Pictured below is her first official "letter". 

I'm grateful God allows me the opportunity to have relationships with my nieces and nephews into their teenage years. A lot of conversation and general life wonderings come out when centered around activities such as these. So grab a niece or nephew near you and go bake some cookies!

UPDATE: Emily won second place in the school cookie baking contest out of 28 entries.


  1. thanks for saving all these joys so I can re visit them

  2. You're welcom, Mama. You're probably our biggest fan.


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