Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday, so I thought I'd say a few words about him.

My dad was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland and came to America when he was 21 years old. He became an American citizen over 20 years ago. Recently, Dad and I had a conversation about social security and he spoke about his "naturalization papers". I said, "Are those the papers you received when you became an American citizen?" He said, "Yes. I can prove I'm an America citizen. How will prove you're an American?" I said, "I was born here. It says so on my birth certificate. Thank you for that, by the way." He smiled.

But, if you're looking for that cool Scottish brogue when you speak to my dad, you won't find it. He was annoyed by the kind of attention the Scottish accent produced here in America so he worked hard to rid himself of it and blend in (he's a very determined guy). However, it still lurks just under the surface (easily distinguishable when he is tired).

My dad lives in Texas where he and his wife (Sandra) own a motel. He is also a union boilermaker by trade, so he travels around the country from job to job throughout the year as well. Work often brings him to Minnesota, which affords my brothers and I the opportunity to see him from time to time.

All of his children have a bit of his personality and traits in them. My sister, Elan, shares his spirit of adventure and love of the entertainment industry. My brother, Rob, looks the most like him in physical appearance, has his handwriting, and shares his first name. Rob also shares my dad's love for the union that is unsurpassed by any other family member. My brother, John, has his sense of humor and his physical mannerisms. My sister, Julia, has his determined nature and spirit of an individualist. The oldest of his children (that would be me) seems to have inherited his thinking process, private nature, sense of humor, and demeanor of intensity.

I spoke to my dad on the phone earlier today at his home in Texas, and he said, "I'm doing nothing today--just sitting around and enjoying it." Later in the conversation I said, "So, they're treating you like a king today?" He said, "Well, I'm acting like one!" That's my dad.

I'm grateful for the father God has given me and that He has allowed me a relationship with him.

Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you.

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