Saturday, August 21, 2010

Evangelism Evening 8/21/10

My evangelism efforts this week have been spread out through the week as I've been traveling around. I was in Duluth, Minnesota earlier in the week (Tuesday and Wednesday) and on Friday and Saturday I was in Des Moines, Iowa. My husband, Greg, has been working at the Iowa State Fair for the last two weeks (setting up and running projection at the concerts each evening). So, on Friday (after work), I made the 5-hour journey out to visit him and then was able to attend a family baby shower a few towns over the next day. The picture below was taken at the Iowa State Fair
(Greg and I spent a few hours at the fair on Saturday morning).

I thought I would take this time to talk about evangelism while traveling. There are a lot of opportunities to share the gospel when you travel, but you need to be looking for them and it is best to be prepared.

Here are a few tips:

1. Be praying for opportunities to share the gospel with others via gospel tract or one-to-one conversation.

2. Preach the gospel to yourself, so you remember your own need for it and you're then ready to share it with others.

3. Have gospel tracts with you that you like to hand out. If you are a woman, carry a purse that allows you easy access to gospel tracts and stock it well. If you are a man, carry some tracts in your pockets.

4. Hand out gospel tracts when you stop to put gas in your car along the way, when you stop at a restaurant to eat, when you're at rest areas.

5. Keep a smile on your face. Present yourself in a friendly manner. Look up and smile when you're walking past people.
Say "hello". Be ready to interact with strangers.

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  1. Your evangelism tips were really helpful especially #2 - that I needed to be reminded of. I'd like to add something I found works in giving out a tract: when you're in line and notice someone with fewer groceries offer to let them go ahead of you. When they are finished and ready to leave they will almost always turn and say "thank you" at that time have a tract ready and say with a smile, "would you use the time I saved you to read this" - they will gladly take it.

  2. Ruth,
    That's a good tip. Thanks for sharing it. You have the heart of an evangelist--always looking for opportunities to share the gospel.


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