Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hiding God's Word in My Heart

Each week, listed in our church bulletin, is the Overcomer Verse. This is a verse that our pastor has picked out for memorization, one that he would like us (as a congregation) to hide in our hearts. During our Thursday night Bible Study meetings our pastor takes time to go over the verse and explain it. Each month, the verses follow a theme. This month's theme is wisdom. I will be listing the verses at the side of this blog weekly, as I seek to memorize them. This week's passage: Proverbs 1:20-22.

As I've been learning a bit about biblical counseling lately, I've taken away a tip for learning Scripture. I have written the overcomer verse on an index card and try to review it 25 times a day. On the back of the card I wrote: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. (one for each day). Then I put a tally mark under that day for each time I review the verse. I'm finding the review helpful for learning the verse and getting it into my mind. I thought I'd pass this info on, as others might find it helpful as well.


  1. Thanks, Katrina. That's a good tip.

    How do you go about reviewing verses you've already learned?

  2. Jenny,

    I haven't had a practice in place thus far for reviewing already-memorized verses, but my new plan is to write them on recipe cards and review them at least once a day to keep them in my mind.


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