Friday, April 16, 2010

Frightening Friday 04/16/10

I went out later than usual this evening and found very few people out and about, though it was a beautiful evening by Minnesota standards. The skate park was totally empty. I gave out one tract to a young man walking a dog (or was it a dog walking a young man--it was hard to tell). It was a reminder to me to remain faithful in the sharing of the gospel. The results are in God's hands. Each Friday night out is a different experience from the last one.

Tonight I'd also like to share with you a video about the motivation of sharing the gospel. This video depicts a young man being challenged to hand out a gospel tract. He originally said he couldn't do it, but when he was offered money to do it, he found courage. The conversation that followed the experience was very interesting as well. I think this is definitely worth watching.

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