Saturday, April 10, 2010

Frightening Friday

This Frightening Friday post actually happened on Saturday. Friday I drove to the skate park but was too intimidated to get out of my vehicle.

Saturday I went back to the park in the afternoon. I walked around the park area attached to the skate park for a few minutes. As I passed two boys stretched out on a picnic table, I gave them a million dollar bill tract and said, "It has the million dollar question on back." I was about say, "What happens to a person when they die?" But before the words came out of my mouth, one of the boys read the question and the entire message on back out loud. As he read through four of the ten commandments that were listed, he answered the questions aloud (Have you ever told a lie? "Yes." Have you ever stolen anything? "Honestly, I would have to say yes I have." and so forth). When he finished reading the tract, three other boys joined us. I gave them tracts as well. Then the questions ensued. They had a lot of them. I was able to go through the gospel message a couple times. I answered all of their questions to the best of my ability. They were sincere in their questioning. It was a joy to work through the questions with them. They had questions such as: "How do I get forgiveness of sins?", "If someone messed up and then started doing good things, will they go to heaven?"

These young men were earnest in there interest in the gospel message. After I explained it to them the first time, two of them said, "I have never heard that before." I asked them each if they went to church, and they said they did.

We had about a 20-minute conversation, and they left with "Why Christianity?" videos and my gospel/testimony tract in their hands (as well as the million dollar bills).

As they walked away, a couple boys said, "I'm going to think about this today."

Please pray for Tony, Jamal, Brady, Tyler, and Donnie as they heard the gospel message today. My hope is that God will grant them the gift of repentance and they put their trust in Christ alone for their salvation.

Note: Boys, if you're reading this post today (or if anyone else is reading this blog for the first time), please check out "My Favorite Links" at the side of this page for other resources, and check out the Archives for Evangelism Videos. If you are looking for a church that preaches from the Bible and will help you grow in your faith, consider Bible Baptist Church in Otsego (that link can also be found at the side of this page, under My Favorite Links).


  1. Another good reminder to do a hard thing. I would like to join you sometime this summer with the kids. We could learn a lot from you, and I know that it only gets easier if you try. Not that it is ever easy.


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