Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Celebration

Tonight, after our Thursday Night Bible study and prayer meeting at church, we helped my friend Katelyn (from Musings of the King's Daughter blog-link found at the side of this page) and her brother Chris (twins) celebrate their 12th birthday. Their parents have decided to highlight the 12th birthday as a mark of transition time into adulthood. They asked members of our congregation to write letters to Chris and Katelyn of "encouragement and exhortation toward adulthood and Christian maturity". I wrote a letter to Katelyn, and Greg wrote a letter to Chris.

I really appreciate the intentionality with which this family is raising their children (Katelyn and Chris are the oldest of 5 children). They are truly teaching them how to be godly. Greg and I both appreciated the opportunity to challenge our minds to write a letter of edification to these two young people in our church. We asked ourselves why we haven't done this before, and we decided we will be doing it again with other young people we know.

Happy Birthday Chris and Katelyn!

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