Thursday, November 3, 2011

Celebrating Friendship

Expect sporadic posts to this blog from now through next Monday.

My friend Kim and I are on our way to Indianapolis, IN. We'll be attending the Revive 11 conference put on by Revive Our Hearts ministry. It's geared toward women's ministry leaders (of which Kim is one). We're looking forward to it (the conference and a good road trip).

We decided to attend this conference/retreat as a celebration of our friendship. Our friendship was established at a women's retreat through our church 10 years ago (that's right, it's our 10-year friendship anniversary--no need to send cards, chocolate will suffice). Out of gratitude for what we've been given, we've always celebrated our friendship, but for the 10-year celebration, we went big (Nancy Leigh DeMoss or bust).

I thank God frequently for my friendship with Kim. If you looked at Kim and me on the surface you wouldn't find two people with very much in common, but our anchor of commonality is a love for Jesus Christ. Our friendship is built around Him and, therefore, it is a good friendship. The only thing extraordinary about the two women involved in this friendship is the Savior whom they love. And that is enough to make it a remarkable thing!

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  1. Praise God for the friendships He gives to us! So fun that you two went BIG for your 10th. :-) We prayed for you while you were away.


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