Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book Club Wednesday 09/14/11

Last Sunday, Charity, Emily, and Katelyn (young friends from church) came home with me after our morning church service. We ate lunch together, and they spent the afternoon helping me prepare a project for an upcoming church event. I didn't invite them over because I needed the help (though I certainly needed the help, and they were incredibly efficient and a huge help to me), but I invited them over because I enjoy their company AND projects such as these present opportunities to build relationships (and I'll take that any day over completing a project quickly). Conversation flows when women, young and old alike (relatively speaking, I would be the old in this particular scenario) are engaged in a hands-on project. As suspected, much conversation was had around the project table.

Which brings me to my "Book Club Wednesday" post. At one point, in a general fashion, the conversation drifted toward the subject of Christians dating non-Christians, and that allowed me to read a quote from Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild(yep, I'm that kind of hostess), which is our Musings book club selection for September and October.

Here's the quote from the author, Mary Kassian.

Several months ago, my adult son, Matt, phoned and told me about a girl he had started seeing. My first question for him was "Is Christ at the center of her heart?"

"Well," he tentatively replied, "She is super nice. She attended a Christian school. She goes to church. She went on a mission trip last year. Her family seems solid. We get along really well."

"That's not what I asked." I explained, "What I want to know is if she bubbles over with Jesus. Does He occupy her thoughts, purposes, dreams, and desires? Does she long to know Him better and obey him more? Is she into His Word? Is He the sun around which all her planets revolve? Does she love Him with her whole heart?"

"Umm ... I'm not really sure," he stammered. "We haven't really talked about it much." [By now, he's probably sweating, because it has dawned on him that his lack of an answer is an answer. If he has gone out with her several times, and they haven't talked about Jesus, chances are Jesus is not at the center of her heart, at the center of his heart, or at the center of their relationship.]

"Son," I gently advised, "There is nothing more important than a girl's relationship to Jesus. Nothing. If her heart is not sold out to Him, then she's not the woman for you. Plain and simple. A heart for God is to be your number one criteria for a wife--number one--at the top of your list. Above all, make sure she loves Jesus and gives Him first place in her heart." (page 26)

I'm only in chapter 1 of this book, but I love it already for that quote .... wish someone would have asked me that question when I started dating (and asked that question about me).

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  1. Thank you, Katrina, for investing in the lives of these girls. I really appreciate your ministry!


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