Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Day With The Niece

Today, my niece, Carissa, and I spent the day together--a girl's day out. Carissa turned 6 years old in the beginning of July. This was our birthday present to her this year. (It was from Greg and I, but he thought maybe I could "take one for the team" concerning the girly stuff, which I was happy to do).

First, we stopped for a manicure at the local beauty academy. Part of the salon deal was that we got to pick out a polish, have our nails painted with it, and keep the polish. (Carissa thought this was a nice surprise--the name of her color was "Princesses Rule"--it was sparkly--the determining factor in that choice)

Next we had lunch at Truffles and Tortes (if you've spent any time on this blog, you'll know by now this is my favorite "girly" place for special lunch outings).

And we ended the lunch with a nice fancy dessert. Carissa had the Raspberry Fudge Tart (she especially liked the raspberries).

It was a fun day together. Can't go wrong with the gift of time! (and a few girly touches thrown in the mix).

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