Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Will Not This Suffice?

Today I'd like to share with you a post from my First Importance daily e-mail feed (http://www.firstimportance.org/).

Will not this suffice?

“Oh, trust Christ with your whole heart, for ‘He is faithful who has promised.’ The love He has already manifested and proved—yes, sealed with His precious blood—is a pledge that He will still be your friend and intercessor with the Father.

His grace is yours to strengthen and sustain you. His Spirit is yours to guide, enlighten, and comfort you. His intercession is yours to secure for you all needed blessing. His promises are yours to cling to in your saddest and darkest hours. His power is yours to defend you from injury, to secure you against defeat. His heart is yours into which you may pour all your sorrows, and feel sure of true sympathy. His home is yours to be your everlasting abode, that where He is, there you may be also. Will not this suffice?”

—John MacDuff, The Throne of Grace

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