Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Birthday

Today is my birthday. I spent the day with my good friend, Kim. We organized a closet in my office (more like a birthday present for Kim--she loves organizing, and I benefited from her expertise). I'll blog more about that experience in a week or two.
It was a lovely way to the spend the day because I thoroughly enjoy my friendship with Kim. Our friendship has been, from the beginning, based on growing in our relationships with the Lord. Other than that desire (growing in the Lord), Kim and I have very little in common, but that has never mattered. Jesus Christ is enough upon which to base a friendship. Though we approach situations differently, our goal is always the same (to glorify God), and that unites us in friendship and in love for each other.
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  1. Hey, how did we miss this post?? Wait, I know: things are just plain crazy-bizzy around here. Must have skipped over it somehow.

    Anyway, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, Katrina! May God bless you with many years of continued faithful service.

    Enjoying your blog from way up here. Gonna steal your post about "Paul's Subject" soon. Good stuff :)

    Paul & Kim (the other Kim)

  2. Thanks for the greeting, Paul (and Kim). Glad you'll be sharing the Paul's subject post. It's a good one.


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