Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Power of Media

On Saturday, my niece, Emily, spent the night at our house. I had called her house earlier in the day to ask her a question. Her mom said she was outside, playing, and she would call for her. Emily is a bit of a couch potato and not one to play outside by herself, so I thought it a bit odd at the time but quickly dismissed it.

When I arrived to pick her up later in the day her mom told me that the cable stations that are usually devoted to children's programming were blacked out that day. Instead, the screen displayed this message: "National Get Out & Play Day. No programs will be aired until 3:00 pm."
That is the very reason Emily was outside, playing, by herself.

Though this story certainly has an amusing undertone to it, I was struck by this very real example of how strong of an influence the TV media has on the children of our country. Some of the messages are this blatant but most are subtle suggestions of how to think and act, what to wear, how to treat one's parents, how to view God and the like. Be sure of this, your children are watching and learning and..............(as in this case with Emily) paying heed.

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