Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Greg!

Today is my husband's birthday. Greg is celebrating 40 years on this earth. I am grateful to God for Greg. He is a man of God who gives importance to his role as leader of our family. God has gifted him and given him talents in areas that would fill up several blog posts. I enjoy watching him use those talents in ministry for the Lord.

Greg, I pray for God's continued growth in your life in the year to come. Happy Birthday, my husband!


  1. Happy Birthday, Greg, from two have already been there (ya know...the 40 thing). Good thing we're not JW or there would be nothing to celebrate! :)

    God bless you this day and may He bless you with many more years in His service.

    Paul & Kim

  2. Happy Birthday Greg and God has blessed you so..we are so BLESSED by God sharing you into/with our Family..


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