Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Last Frightening Friday

May 7, 2010, was my last Frightening Friday post.

When I first started posting about the evening I set aside to go out and intentionally seek to share the gospel with strangers, it was appropriate to call it "Frightening Friday". I was very nervous to approach strangers, and it often terrified me.

I'm still nervous as I approach strangers to talk to them about the gospel, and I still have to deny my flesh the opportunity to turn and run every time I go out. But, I no longer want to focus on that fear. It is a great privilege to go out in the community and tell others about the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. I'm going to start treating it as such.

The name of those posts will now be "Evangelism Evening". I will continue to set aside one night a week dedicated to sharing the gospel with strangers (usually Friday night, but not always), and I will use my Friday posts to share of those experiences.

As summer approaches I'll be keeping my eyes open for outdoor events where lots of people gather (festivals, parades, etc.), and that's where I'll be focusing my evangelism efforts. I'll write about those experiences on my weekly "Evangelism Evening" posts.


  1. Great idea, Katrina! God bless you as He continues to move you forward for the glory of His name and kingdom.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Paul. As you say, may He be glorified.


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