Friday, May 7, 2010

Frightening Friday 05/07/10

This Frightening Friday was very rainy (all day and into the evening). I had an errand to run this evening, so I went to the mall. While I was there I passed out gospel tracts. When I'm in the mall, I try to give a gospel tract to everyone sitting on a bench. Those sitting on benches are usually killing time, so I give them something to read while they're sitting there.

As I was leaving the mall I had a rainy day thought. In the parking lot of this mall, there is a large, covered city bus shelter. I parked near the bus stop (also a park and ride) and walked over to the bus shelter. I started at one end of the shelter and made my way to the other. As I made my way through I passed out million dollar bill tracts. Most people took them and thanked me. I said, "It has the million dollar question on back." That phrase usually causes people to flip it over so they can read the gospel message.

If you aren't passing out gospel tracts, I encourage you to do so. It is a good way to get your feet wet in the evangelism process. The gospel tracts are also a great way to start conversations about the gospel (i.e., "Here's a million dollars for you. It has the million dollar question on back, "What happens to a person when they die? What do you think happens to a person when they die?").

If you're reading this post, I challenge you to give out at least one gospel tract this week.

For gospel tract information: Check your church to see if they have gospel tracts available that they recommend (possibly with the church information on back for follow up if the occasion arises). I like the tracts sold by Living Waters ministry ( Their tracts are creative, visually appealing, and content rich. I also use a tract that I wrote myself. It contains my own testimony and a gospel presentation. I use it a lot because I know what it says and it's thorough. Answers in Genesis ministry ( also has some thoughtful tracts and materials available.

So get equipped and please join me in sharing the gospel in your community this week.

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