Friday, May 14, 2010

Evangelism Evening 05/14/10

When I went to the biblical counseling conference in Lafayette, IN, back in February, I met a woman named Betsy. We were seated next to each other at a dinner we attended on the first night. Besty and I started talking about evangelism, and we found we shared a common interest in that area. Betsy lives in Wisconsin. About a month ago, Betsy contacted me and said she and her friend, Jane, were planning a trip to Minnesota as they have always wanted to share the gospel at the Mall of America. Betsy and Jane went to the Mall of America in the morning and came to our house for dinner in the evening. After dinner we went to a couple skate parks to share the gospel. We had some good conversations with several young people and handed out gospel tracts. (The picture above shows, left to right: Jane, Betsy, myself).

I was greatly encouraged by the fellowship with Betsy and Jane. It was fun to talk about evangelism with them and to pray with them. I will be going out with them again tomorrow before they head back to Wisconsin. I'll share about those adventures in tomorrow's post.

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