Friday, March 19, 2010

Frightening Friday 03/19/10

Spring has not quite arrived in Minnesota. I was hoping to get out to the skate park this evening but, alas, it is still a bit chilly. People aren't out and about just yet.

Instead, I made a quick trip to the mall and handed out some gospel tracts as well as handing out gospel tracts on my errand runs on the way home from the mall. I challenge myself to hand out gospel tracts whenever I'm out in the community. I find the "curved illusion tracts" and the "million dollar bill" tract make this a little easier (you can find them at They also provide a conversation opening. After I've had a conversation I leave the "Why Christianity?" tract or the tract that I've written myself "If I Knew Then What I Know Now" as a followup.

If you're not using gospel tracts now, I encourage you to purchase some or write your own and start by handing them out while out in the community running errands.

Here's a couple ways I do this:

I use the curved illusion tracts (which one is bigger, the red or the blue?) at the end of the transaction with a cashier before I leave the store. It usually opens an opportunity to hand one to the person in line behind me as well. I always tell them "it's a gospel tract" It is rarely turned down.

When I pass someone sitting on a bench in the mall staring off into space (happens a lot if they don't have a cell phone or mp3 player with them) I stop and say, "Here's something to read while you're sitting there."(this works especially well with the men sitting outside the shops waiting for their wives). Again, when I do this, I find the tract is (occasionally but) rarely turned down. They usually take it and thank me.

Just a couple easy ways to get the gospel into the hands of a stranger. Any other suggestions? Ideas you've pursued? I'd love to hear them.

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