Monday, July 29, 2013

Cookie Baking Night 07/29/13

Tonight was Cookie Baking Night. In attedance this evening we had the usual crew plus a couple guests. Emily's friend, Julia, joined us for the evening and Ethan's friend, Jabin, joined us for the evening. Two 12 year old girls, two 10 year old boys, and an 8 year old year old little girl. It was a lively bunch to say the least.

Tonight we made a classic: The chocolate chip cookie. Since we had a big crowd, we had to spread out in the kitchen, but we managed to get all the measuring, mixing, and scooping done and came up with a pretty tasty cookie in the end.

Emily led the crew in a game of "Spot It". It was a new game, so she was teaching it to them. At one point, Emily called out to me from the living room (I was in the dining room) and said, "Look Katrina, I'm a role model."

It was fun to have other children with us this evening. I'm grateful God allowed us the experience. It was an evening filled with Gospel-spreading occasions and sanctifying opportunities.

We continued reading in our book "God's Names" by Sally Michael. Tonight we learned the name Jehovah-Shammah meaning The Lord is there, a lesson I very much needed today, myself. (God teaches us all through Cookie Baking Nights). We continue to learn about God's character and who He is by learning His many names.

We ended the evening with a walk through the neighborhood to the local gas station and 25 cent candy all around (Jabin said, "This night just keeps getting better and better.")

As usual, a fun time was had by all.

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