Saturday, July 13, 2013

Birthday Musings!

Today is my mom's birthday. I spent the weekend at her house in celebration. We had dinner together, hung out on the patio, talked, played a game, prayed together. My niece, Emily, is here too. She made the birthday cake. (Okay, by made the cake, I mean assembled the cake. We made a "strawberry sparkle cake" from The Pioneer Woman blog with a pre-made angel food cake and store-bought whipped topping. She did a good job. It was quite tasty).

Mom, Dad-Larry, and Emily

Happy Birthday, Mama! I love you, and I thank God for you. May He bless you in the year ahead and draw you closer to Him with each passing moment. 

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  1. so nicely done, great birthday cake. Thanks Katrina & Emily for all the birthday blessings thanks for the pics.


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