Monday, August 5, 2013

Cookie Baking Musings

This week is an off week for Cookie Baking Night, and sometimes on the off weeks, I get reflective.

Last week, we had a couple guest friends at Cookie Baking Night, children who have not been here before (friends of the nieces and nephew). As is expected when someone joins an ongoing activity that has been in place for a long time, there are some adjustments to make and education to be done. I learned a few things from the experience and they are as follows:

  • Cookie Baking Night is a ministry full of gospel-sharing opportunities
  • Always say yes to gospel-sharing opportunities that knock on your own door
  • Children need to be taught how to do things 
  • Training produces fruit
I was struck by the reactions of my own nieces and nephew when at times chaos was happening around them due to the others not knowing our routine. This was particularly evident to me during our Bible lesson time. Our guests were not accustomed to this activity, so we had to work through the experience with lovingkindness. My nieces and nephew, however, treated that time with reverence. When we talked about God's names, they became very serious for they knew it was a serious subject. Where I might normally view them as "squirrelly" and unfocused, when contrasted with someone new to the activity, I could see their evident concentration. I could see the fruit of training in them. I was reminded that they didn't come like that to the first Cookie Baking Night. God showed me a glimpse of the value of the "long haul" (endurance, if you will). In essence, He was training the leader that night. May she be the same kind of student as her nieces and nephews have been and may God produce fruit in her. 

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