Monday, July 1, 2013

Cookie Baking Night 07/01/13

Tonight was Cookie Baking Night. In attendance this evening: Emily, Ethan, and Carissa. Today is Carissa's birthday. She turned 8 years old today. As is the Cookie Baking Night tradition, it was her choice tonight for supper and for the "cookie" we made. For supper, she chose macaroni & cheese, cornbread, and "berries w/ half&half". For her cookie, she chose "dirt cups".

Much work to do with this project. There's making the pudding..

crushing the cookies..

assembling the cups..

And don't forget the gummy worms..

Ahhh..the finished product. 

We also read a lesson from our book God's Names by Sally Michael. This week we studied the name El Roi meaning "The God Who Sees". (again, highly recommend this book--we are learning much about who God is by studying His names). 

The time tonight was lively and the discussion was good. We lingered over supper talking with Uncle Greg about the day. Sometimes conversation is abundant at Cookie Baking Nights, and this was one of those nights. Greg and I learn much about who our nieces and nephews are and how their little lives are shaping through our time with them at Cookie Baking Nights. We wouldn't trade the experience. It's very valuable. 

As usual, a fun time was had by all. 

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  1. OH! God so blesses me through My Katrina ,Greg and the cookie bakers and there readings. love just reading about them.


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