Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Night With A Niece 10/01/11

Emily spent this weekend at our house. Greg was out of town, so we had a Girl's Night/Beauty Night. Emily found several homemade beauty concoctions to make from my recipe book. Here she's making homemade bath salts. You don't even want to know what we put in our hair (which is now shiny and soft).

Here's Emily letting the "conditioner" sit in her hair before she takes her "oatmeal cookie bath".

Here's the recipe for the bath salts in case you're inclined to try this at home. We made two batches of Orange/Lavender bath salts in the colors of blue/purple and apricot.

Colored Bath Salts:

1 cup Epsom salts
1/4 cup kosher salt or sea salt, coarsely ground
Food coloring
Essential oils (optional)

Mix together the Epsom salts and kosher salt. Add a few drops of your favorite color and stir well to blend. If you would like to scent your bath salts, add a few drops of the essential oils, mix well.

We divided ours into 1/2-cup portions and placed in small plastic baggies to be used in baths later. Makes nice gifts too.

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