Monday, October 3, 2011

Cookie Baking Stories

Here are a couple of stories from past Cookie Baking Nights that I found amusing. Maybe you will too.

Story #1:

Back Story: Each Cookie Baking Night, the kids eat supper with us at the beginning of the evening. Right before supper, I ask them what they would like to drink. The choices usually consist of water or milk, juice or water, or a variation thereof. I give the choices, and then (inevitably) Emily says, "I'll take Mountain Dew." To which I usually reply, "Nice try, but not one of the choices." We all giggle, she makes a real choice, and we sit down to dinner.

Story #1: A few weeks ago, Emily was sick and didn't make it to Cookie Baking Night. When Carissa arrived, she asked when Emily would be arriving. I then broke the news to her that Emily wasn't going to make it that night.

She said, "Oh. I wanted to tell Emily that yesterday, me, Ethan, and Mommy had Mountain Dew at the church picnic. Then Emily would say, Awww. No Fair." (which in front-toothless 6-year-old speak came out more like "awww, no fay-a"). Then she giggled at the thought, and I followed suit.

Story #2

Back Story: About a month ago, my sister-in-law was showing me some decorative crockware/cookware that she had just purchased. It was unusual and pretty, and I expressed how much I liked it.

Story #2: It was my birthday in the beginning of September. One Cookie Baking Night in September, Emily came in with a large birthday bag that her mom instructed her to give to me. Later in the evening she watched me open it as she was unaware of its contents as well. As I recognized what it was I let out an "Ohhh" of delight, and Emily was all the more intrigued to see what this great gift could be. It was a piece of the crockware that Mary (Emily's mom) had showed me a few weeks earlier. Emily was dismayed and disappointed when she saw what it was. She said, "It's a pan." Then she said, "Is this what's going to happen when I turn like-30. I'm going to pull out a gift and say, Ohhh, looook it's a frying pan."

I said, "Yes. Yes, you will."

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