Monday, December 6, 2010

Time with the Nieces

I'm recovering from a weekend illness, so I canceled Cookie Baking Night tonight.

Last week, I spent some time making Christmas candy, specifically chocolate Christmas mice. Every year I sell them at the small craft fair hosted by my place of employment. One night, Meghan came over and helped me make the mice (she's helped me with this project for at least the last three years--she's a big help). The next night, Emily came over and helped me prepare boxes and package the candy. They were both a big help to me. Here's a couple pictures from our time together. I love these evenings together with the girls around a project. It always allows for great discussion while the hands are busy.

Sorry--didn't get a close up of the mice. In case you're wondering: It's a Hershey kiss, stemmed cherry dipped in chocolate, almond slices for the ears, and red and green frosting to make them look seasonal.

Emily went to town on assembling the boxes. She had more fun with that project than either one of us thought she would.

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