Monday, December 20, 2010

Niece & Nephew Christmas Party

Saturday was our 7th annual Niece and Nephew Christmas Party. In attendance this year: Kylie, Emily, Ethan, Carissa, Uncle Greg, and Aunt Katrina.

We started the party this year by decorating a gingerbread house cookie.

Ethan went with the "I like frosting" decorating approach this year. Then, he promptly ate his cookie, every last crumb.

Everyone was in on the act. Uncle Greg decorated a Gingerbread house cookie with an accompanying gingerbread doggie house.

Every Christmas party includes a cookie decorating time, lunch or dinner, dice game for candy prizes, and a "special activity". For our activity this year, we decided to return to Bunker Park Stables for a sleigh ride. This was a our third year at Bunker Park. In past years, there wasn't quite enough snow for a sleigh ride, so we settled for a hay ride. This year, in Minnesota, there is no shortage of snow, so it was our first official sleigh ride. Yay! It was an evening ride this year, so we didn't take quite as many pictures as we have in past years.

We arrived early, so the kids had a chance to play on the snow hills before our ride began.

And the horse-drawn sleigh arrives looking exactly how we imagined it. Wish I had a picture of the kids faces when it pulled up--everyone stared in wonder--it was the first time they were silent all night.

It was another fun year! Merry Christmas nieces and nephews. We love you all!

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