Saturday, November 22, 2014

Birthday Musings 11/21/14

This weekend, we celebrated the two older nieces' birthdays. Emily and Kylie's birthdays are one day apart, and they are one year apart in age, turning 14 and 15 respectively. They are both cousins and best of friends. They don't live that close to each other in proximity (about an hour and a half apart), so anytime they can be together for an extended period of time, they are very happy. 

Emily, Kylie, and Aunt Katrina 

Emily, Kylie, and Uncle Greg

I picked them up on Friday night. And we spent Saturday doing crafty things, like making necklaces. 

We also made a trip to my favorite local bakery for some fancy birthday desserts. 

It was fun to spend time with them both in these ever changing teenage days. I'm grateful to God that he has allowed me a relationship with them both and pray He draws them unto Him. 

Happy Birthday, Girls!


  1. thank you for sharing this wonderful time. I love you so and thank God for you .

  2. my prayer is to be a stronger always for giving prayer warrior share with me in this prayer


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