Saturday, February 22, 2014

Katrina's Musings (Biblical Counseling Conference)

A couple weeks ago, my friend Kim and I spent the week in Lafayette, Indiana at the Biblical Counseling Conference sponsored by Faith Church.

Kim and I are in the process of certification as biblical counselors. We have (1) taken the basic training course for biblical counselors ("Track 1"), (2) read 1,000 pages from required theology texts (3) viewed at least 10 hours of biblical counseling with an ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) certified counselor either via live sessions or via video, and now we are in the process of (4) writing our exam papers, which involves answering 24 theology questions (such as: "What does it mean that the Bible is inspired?", "Who and What is man?", "Why did Christ die?" "What is the church?", etc.) and 28 biblical counseling questions (such as "What are the goals of biblical counseling?", "What is data gathering and why is it important?", "Develop a biblical view of emotions. Use both Old and New Testament in your answer", etc.). Each question is to be answered in an essay style and should be 1 to 1-1/2 pages in length (it is an open book exam, which is much appreciated). Needless to say this is a big task. Kim and I enrolled in "Track 5" at the Biblical Counseling Conference to help us prepare for the papers (literally prepare for the papers). The class involved a week of teaching on every question on the exam with 1 hour blocks to work on the papers interspersed between sessions). Kim and I found the time very profitable (it's good to think on and wrestle with the big questions about God for one's self). We completed several papers and are working toward completing the rest for submission by mid-March.

This is the third Biblical Counseling Conference that Kim and I have attended in Lafayette. Each time we've stayed with our friend Mildred. It is a joy visiting with her and benefiting from her generous hospitality during the week. Another joy for us this week, was meeting new friends (of which we made many). Pictured above from left to right is our new friend Krysten, Kim, Mildred, and myself. This picture was taken at a local restaurant one evening after sessions.

We had a great time and are so grateful to God for the opportunity to attend the conference!

P.S. After we complete our exam papers, submit them for grading, and once they come back approved (allowing of any possible rewrites or further clarification requests), our last step in the certification process is to complete 50 hours biblical counseling supervised by an ACBC certified fellow. I'll keep you posted as to our progress. 

P.S. again: Prayer would be appreciated as we work our way through this process. 


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