Monday, February 17, 2014

Cookie Baking Night (02/17/14)

Tonight was Cookie Baking Night. In attendance this evening: Emily, Ethan, Carissa, and Alli. Tonight we made chocolate mint cookies.

This was our first attempt at sifting dry ingredients. They took to it quite nicely. 

In the above photo, I was attempting to take a picture of the cookie sheet, but slowly three heads emerged into the shot (life just hasn't been the same since the idea of "photo bombing" came on the scene). 

The finished product (quite tasty). 

In our living room, we have four very comfortable chairs and then it's folding chairs. Carissa has figured out how to make the "leftover seating" as comfortable as the choice seating (and she has trained Alli in on the procedure). It started out with one chair, then one chair to sit in and one chair for her feet. Now it is a chair to sit in, one for her feet, and a blanket for warmth (what's next, I ask, a mini refrigerator and foot massages?)

Tonight we continued reading from Sammy and His Shepherd by Susan Hunt. We read chapter 8 titled "You Prepare a Table for Me in the Presence of My Enemies". We also read through Psalm 23 in the Bible, as that is the Psalm that this book is illustrating. We're learning a lot about shepherds and a lot about our Good Shepherd (Jesus) as we read through this book. 

As usual, a fun time was had by all. 


  1. Your blogs are always so fun to read. I love the pic/story of the three heads slowly emerging into your cookie sheet shot. Also, I like hearing about Carissa teaching Alli how to make the "leftover seating" comfy. Cute. :-) My kids always look forward to your cookie baking nights. (Diana)


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