Monday, September 16, 2013

Cookie Baking Musings 09/16/13

Recently, I caught a few minutes of a program where Josh McDowell was speaking on raising children in this "internet" world. He said the key to it is relationships between parents and children. He made this statement: "Rules without relationships lead to rebellion." This struck a chord with me because it summed up my philosophy concerning Cookie Baking Nights. The entire reason I started Cookie Baking Nights with my nieces and nephews 10 years ago was because I wanted a way to have an ongoing relationship with them. I was very aware that children eventually go through some kind of crisis (call it crisis of conscience, crisis of identity, crisis of morality, crisis of spirituality, crisis of self-righteousness). Whatever the crisis may be, it is next to impossible to step into the life of someone you barely know and expect them to respect and listen to you. That is most effectively done through the avenue of relationship. From 1 year olds to 21 year olds, this is the lens I constantly keep in view concerning Cookie Baking Nights. It is more than just fun and cookies, folks, believe me. And I thank God often for the privilege He has given me of being part of their lives in this way.

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  1. it comes day today, if you keep the teaching in God's word, But you see it down the road never, never stop the praying and teaching I am so blessed. the need for praying and turning your children over to God never ends. all ways giving them to God.


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