Monday, August 12, 2013

Road Trip Musings

Well, it's that time of year again--state fair time. The company Greg works for does the audio visual production for the concerts held at the Iowa State Fair and the Minnesota State Fair each year. Emily and I decided to take a little road trip to Iowa again this year to visit Greg at the Fair. 

The three of us starting our day together at the fair. 

Greg in action

Greg with a wanna be audio visual engineer

A little fair food

A little texting ... with a view

With entertainment at every turn, you still can't beat watching the baby chicks (for free) in the Animal Learning Center (I literally had to lure her away from there after about 30 minutes). 

We left the fair exhausted. Time to hit the air mattress. 

Side note: If you've been around my blog any length of time, then you probably know I love a good road trip. As I always say, "real life happens on the road trip". Kids talk more on a one-on-one road trip. Hearts are exposed. Conversation is inevitable. Gospel opportunities abound. Now grab your favorite 12 year old (or 9, 10, 11, etc. year old) and hit the road!


  1. love it. what a joy I love hearing about the joy of the road trips. and the pictures . that have the joy in the faces.

  2. Nice to see you're having a good summer. I love fairs and I love AV techy stuff. Methinks I would have had a good time had I been down there. Kim's not big on fairs, so it woulda been just me and a couple of corndogs. :)

    Lord bless you, sister.


  3. Paul,
    I like the way you think.


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