Monday, August 22, 2011

Niece Musings

I thought in the absence of Cookie Baking Night (it's next week), I would share a short story about the kids.

A couple weeks ago, Kylie (my 11-year-old niece) and Emily (my 10-year-old niece) spent the night at our house. Due to distance and family dynamics, we don't see Kylie that much, and she hasn't spent that much time in our home. Emily, however, is a frequent visitor to our home. Feeling like our home is her home, Emily took on the job of tour guide. I was in the hallway when she was giving Kylie a tour of the guest bedroom (which she considers to be her room). I chuckled to myself as I overheard this conversation:

Emily said to Kylie:
"You can put your bag over there.
This is the bed.
This is the guest basket. You can choose one item from it since you're spending the night (Emily's favorite part).
And that's the Gospel of John (pointing to a small copy I had given her with a girl-friendly cover on it).
This is the closet ...."

And on it went. I was surprised and pleased to hear the Gospel of John given a prominent mention in the tour of the guest room.

The little ones are watching and listening, my friends, let us use our time with them wisely.

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