Saturday, December 13, 2014

Niece and Nephew Christmas Party 12/13/14

Each year we have a Christmas party for the nieces and nephews, and that is our Christmas gift to them. Today was our 11th annual Niece and Nephew Christmas Party. We have done a variety of events over the years, but we keep returning to the Bunker Park Stables because you just can't beat the horse-drawn hay ride through the wooded trails.

Since we live in Minnesota, you never know what you will get when it comes to the weather on party day. Last year it was in the 12-degrees-below-zero range. This year it was 40+ degrees. We didn't even have to wear mittens if we didn't want to. We missed the snow a bit, but we certainly enjoyed the warm weather.

Cowgirl Emily and Cowgirl Carissa 

Greg's brother, Dan, (Alli and Rylar's dad) was able to join us on the hay ride this year and even posed for a few pictures with us. 

Ethan towered above the picture taking stand but humored me and posed next to it anyway. Ethan was only able to join us for the hayride this year because he had a choir concert to attend in the afternoon. 

This was Rylar's first Christmas Party with us and his first hayride. 

Greg's sister, Diana, (Ethan and Carissa's mom) was also able to join us for the hayride this year. It was fun to have her along. 

There was a bit of hay tossing going on throughout the ride.

Some jumping off the wagon and jumping back on

Some climbing of the big hill

And some just plain hanging out and having a good time

Kylie wasn't able to join us for the hayride but met us at our house for the rest of the party where we started the festivities with our annual cookie decorating event. 

Check out those gingerbread houses






Uncle Greg

Aunt Katrina 

We finished up the day with a lively round of the dice game for small prizes. 

It was a fun day. We're ever so grateful to God for the opportunity to be involved in the lives of our nieces and nephews, and we pray they grow up to love Him with all their hearts, souls, and minds. 

Merry Christmas kiddos!

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  1. love it was fun thank you for sharing


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