Monday, December 8, 2014

Cookie Baking Night 12/08/14

Tonight was Cookie Baking Night. In attendance this evening: Alli and Rylar. Our nephew, Rylar, Alli's brother, turned 3 years old (the official Cookie Baking Night age) last week, so tonight was his first time at Cookie Baking Night. His mom (Deena) told me he was pretty much ready to leave for our house after breakfast that morning. His enthusiasm showed. He genuinely enjoyed being here, and we enjoyed having him here.

Alli trained Rylar in on the proper hand-washing procedures. 

Then they were ready to help me butter some bread for our supper. 

For our cookie tonight, we made peanut butter blossoms. 

Can you tell which cookies Rylar decorated? ( He was a big fan of the chocolate star). 

Greg had put up the tree after Thanksgiving and put lights on it, but we hadn't decorated it yet. We let the kids do that tonight. 

You might notice a high concentration of ornaments in one particular area of the tree (roughly about 3 feet from the floor). 

For our Bible lesson tonight we read from Leading Little Ones to God (by Marian Schoolland) about the reason we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. We read lesson 32 titled "Jesus Came From Heaven". After the lesson, I let the kids open the box with the nativity scene in it, and we talked about the story as we unwrapped each piece. 

We finished up our time together by teaching Rylar how to play Zingo, which he thoroughly enjoyed. 

This was our last Cookie Baking Night for 2014. We'll pick it up again in the new year. 

As usual, a fun time was had by all! 


  1. joy,joy ,smile what love

  2. could you have Rylar to decorate my star cookies love


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