Monday, March 11, 2013

Cookie Baking Musings

No Cookie Baking Tonight, so I thought I would take this time to answer some frequently asked questions about Cookie Baking Night.

Q: What is Cookie Baking Night?

A: Every other Monday night our (mine and Greg's, both sides of the family) nieces and nephews come to our house to have supper with us and we bake some kind of cookie. We also read a Bible lesson from our current read at the time (God's Names by Sally Michael, right now), play games, enjoy each others company.

Q: Why Cookie Baking Night?

A: To share the gospel with our nieces and nephews and teach them in the ways of God. Side motivation: To know them as they grow up on a level deeper than that which holiday and birthday gatherings afford us.

Q: How long have we been doing Cookie Baking?

A: 10 years

Q: How old do the nieces and nephews have to be before they can join Cookie Baking Night?

A: 3 years old.

Q: Does Greg participate in Cookie Baking Nights?

A: Yes. Greg always joins us for supper on Cookie Baking Nights if his job does not take him out of town. He makes it a priority to be there. He leaves the "cookie baking" part to me, though.

Q: How do you keep the cookies from being all germy?

A: It's part of the initial training. Everyone must wash their hands before starting. Hands must remain away from your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. If your hands touch these areas of your body, you are required to wash your hands again. If you've been asked to wash your hands three times in an evening, then you're demoted to watcher instead of helper until next Cookie Baking Night. I've found one demotion pretty much does the trick on learning this lesson.

Q: Do you buy extra ingredients in the case the kids eat some along the way?

A: Hmmm. Interesting Question. No one is allowed to eat ingredients along the way. When we've completed the making of the dough, everyone gets a spoonful of the dough and a piece of candy if we're using candy in the recipe (a spoon of frosting if the recipe has frosting). This is also a training process, but I've found that knowing they'll get some of the product at the end of the process keeps them from eating ingredients along the way or even trying.

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