Monday, March 18, 2013

Cookie Baking Musings 03/18/13

Last Monday night, the Cookie Baking crew was in Florida. It was Oseid family vacation time (Oseids go to Disney World every seven years). Emily came with Greg and I as part of our family. In fact, the three of us returned home today (to a whole lot of snow). It was a fun break from the Minnesota winter as well as an opportunity for sanctification (nothing brings out the little--and big--sin natures like 11 family members all coming to an agreement about one activity, that, and waiting in long lines). I love how God uses the real stuff like that!

It truly was a lovely time, and below you will find a picture of Carissa, Ethan, and Emily at Disney's Magic Kingdom (Side note: Carissa is dressed as princess Merida. She really enjoyed wearing that dress around all day).

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