Friday, August 17, 2012

Road Trip With A Niece

Greg has been working at the Iowa State Fair for a couple weeks (the company he works for provides the video for the grandstand events). Emily and I decided to pay him a visit (about a 4-1/2 hour drive), check out the fair, and visit a few relatives before we returned home. 

We headed out on Friday evening after I finished work. 

Had to stop for supper so we tried a place called Baldy's BBQ along the way (we liked the name, and the food was good too).

We arrived around midnight. We were exhausted. 

A couple friends from church (Marc and Rachel) happened to be visiting the fair that day as well, so we spent some time with them.

Greg showed us where he was working and what his job entailed this time around (Emily thinks she might want to be an audiovisual engineer when she grows up--hmmm).

Had to try some fair food (here, Emily and Greg are checking out the chocolate covered bacon on a stick).

Rachel and Marc thought they would try some nachos and deep fried cheese on a stick. (I stuck with the classic corn dog, myself).

                                   Greg, myself, and Emily

After Greg headed off to start work for the day and Marc and Rachel went back to their family's house, Emily and I decided to check out the view of the fair from the sky ride.

And we finished off the day with some ice cream and a souvenir state fair style (shirt on a stick).

P.S. On a relational note, there's nothing like a road trip to build on a relationship with someone you know. The conversation on such trips is deeper, the potential for sinning and needing to ask for forgiveness is greater (sanctification opportunities abound within the road trip). The opportunity to live everyday life with someone watching you 24/7 exists within the road trip (and everyday life is where strong relationships are built and nurtured). I recommend taking a road trip with a young person near you sometime soon. 


  1. nice to see the nice pictures and share a part of gregs work,and to meet new picture friends.thanks for sharing...

  2. Nuts! Had you told me you and Greg were going to the fair, Kim and I might have joined you. :) Nice to see you all having fun. I know if we had the opportunity to meet, I would be grilling Greg left, right and centre about all things audio/visual. I have always been fascinated by anything to do with that field. Lord bless you and Greg, Katrina, and all that you do with and for your extended family.

  3. Paul,
    I know you and Greg would get along famously. I pray that meeting will take place some day this side of eternity.


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