Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Workaholic

About three years ago, my job changed at my place of employment. During that transition, I worked a lot of overtime. One night I was crying (literally) to Greg, worried that I was becoming a workaholic. Greg said that was a ridiculous thought and I was not a workaholic. I said, "How do you know?" He said, "Because workaholics do not worry about how much they work, they're busy working." (Hmmmm, good point. I think I'm safe in that regard then).

My job has changed again, and I am, once more, in the position of working a lot of overtime (specifically last week). God used this time at work (as He often does) to show me my own sinfulness and to remind me of my dependence upon Him.

God also used this time of the "shoe being on the other foot" to show me past sinfulness of impatience and disrespect toward my husband during times when he has had to work a lot of hours outside the home. I noticed how Greg did what he could to make it easier for me. It was a hard week, and it would have been further complicated if Greg had spent our time together lamenting "what little time I spent at home these days, how much he hated it, and if he had questioned my love for him and my devotion to our family" during this very brief season of sacrifice (something I have done to him in the past). His kindness and patience spoke volumes (and it was far more effective in revealing the condition of my own heart than any complaining would have ever been).

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