Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Day With the Nieces (Birthdays 2015)

Today I spent the day with my nieces, Kylie and Emily, for their birthdays. Next week, Kylie will turn 16 and Emily will turn 15 years old (their actual birthdays are a day apart). For the last several years now, we've spent a day together doing various things in celbration of their birthdays. I usually keep the agenda a surprise until we're in the middle of the activities. Today was no exception.

This year we started our day out at a pizza place in Robbinsdale called "Pig Ate My Pizza" It was one of those chef-driven restaurants with fancy pizza and a fun atmosphere, maybe not quite the speed of picky teenage eaters, but they humored me. 

Next, it was off to get our nails done.

The girls chose fancy polish that turned colors with the temperature of your hands. 

Our final destination was my favorite local chocolate shop (now also their favorite), The Droolin Moose. 

It was a fun day together. I am so grateful to God for the opportunity to share in the lives of these young ladies. 

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