Monday, June 29, 2015

Cookie Baking Night 06/29/15

Tonight was Cookie Baking Night. In attendance this evening: Ethan, Carissa, Alli, Rylar, and, special guest, Myla. Myla is a friend of Carissa's, and it was fitting for her to join us on this particular night since tonight was Carissa's birthday choice (Carissa will turn 10 years old in a few days). As is our custom here at Cookie Baking Nights, the birthday person gets to choose what we have for supper and what "cookie" we make that night. Not being one to dismiss a good idea from the past, Carissa chose macaroni and cheese for her "birthday meal" and for the "cookie" Dirt Cups.

Carissa and Myla did the work of scraping the frosting off the chocolate cookies before everyone arrived. Then I crushed them in the blender. This ingredient will resemble the "dirt" for our project.

Then we made the chocolate pudding and cream cheese mixture.

Next we layered the pudding, cream cheese mixture, cookie crumbs, and gummy worms into plastic cups with lids.

We used foam flowers to decorate them to look like flower pots. 

As you can see we overflow with artistic and creative gifts around here, each with our own style. 

Tonight we continued with our Bible lesson from Leading Little Ones to God by Marian Schoolland. Tonight was lesson 10, titled "God is Three Persons" We had a lively discussion about how God is one God yet three persons. Our lesson showed us the example of Jesus being baptized. In that account in the Bible (Matthew 3:13-17), we see Jesus the Son being baptized, God the Father speaking from Heaven, and God the Holy Spirit descending from Heaven. This also prompted a discussion about baptism and what that means. God gave us many opportunities to talk about Him tonight and to speak of His greatness.

We ended the evening watching "Frozen" (per Carissa's request). Let's just say there was a lot of singing going on tonight and, as usual, a fun time was had by all. 

P.S. We had a few other special guests visit us this evening.  My brother (John) and Dad-Larry surprised me with a visit from my mom part way through the evening, so we (Greg, the kids, and I) took a little break from our project and went out to the driveway to say hello. 

My mom had a stroke at the beginning of this month and has been staying in a rehabilitation facility to recover for the past few weeks. This was her first big outing in a vehicle that didn't involve her being transported in a wheelchair (it was a big day in our family).We're grateful to God for her continued recovery and for the many opportunities to know Him and love Him more during this time. 

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