Monday, October 6, 2014

Cookie Baking Musings 10/06/14

As I mentioned in last week's post about Cookie Baking Night, Emily had a mechanical baby doll from her Family And Consumer Sciences (FACS) class with her. She named him Braxton. (Braxton Kylie Julio Ricardo Montoya Delarosa Remierez Oseid Kidd to be exact). The baby had to be cared for every time it fussed or cried (which was often), and it was Emily's job to figure out what he needed. She wore a bracelet that registered her efforts and would be turned in the next day for a grade based on how attentive she was to the baby's needs. 

She missed about 15 minutes while we were making carameled apples because she was in the living room "feeding" (with a mechanical baby bottle) Braxton. When he had settled down and was once again content, she came charging into the kitchen with the baby carrier in hand. As she did so, she dropped her phone. 

She frantically looked around and said "What was that?" 

I said, "It's your phone." 

She said, "Oh good. I thought it was the baby." 

I said, "I remember when your phone was your baby." (like 8 hours ago)

She said, "Oh, those were simpler times. Simpler times."

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