Thursday, May 8, 2014

An Evening With A Niece 05/2014

The whole purpose of Cookie Baking Nights is to mentor my nieces and nephews from childhood into adulthood (to have a voice in their lives via a relationship). Once they become teenagers and school and friend activities increase, the lure of Cookie Baking Nights decreases, but my purpose remains the same, so I have to get creative. 

I can see in my niece, Emily, that this little lamb is going to need the gospel message and a little extra care to maneuver through the teenage years (I said to Emily a couple weeks ago: "Do you think we're going to survive these teenage years?" Her casual reply: "Hard to say." My reply: "Who do you think will crack first, me or you?" Her reply: "Probably you."--let's pray she isn't right--seriously people, pray). 

We have discovered a common bond, an interest in cooking. We're taking her years of cookie baking experience and moving into the realm of meal making. She made a list of meals she would like to learn how to make and a few nights a month we've been providing Greg (aka our guinea pig) with our gourmet feasts. 

The night we made chicken lo mein 

and chocolate chip cookies (old habits die hard)

the night we made beef and broccoli

and cream cheese wontons 

(Are you sensing a culinary theme? My Dad-Larry started her on Chinese food at a very early age and she's loved it ever since). 

I thank God for the opportunity to have relationships with my family members, and I lean ever so heavily into His sovereignty, grace, and all-encompassing love for His children during such endeavors. 


  1. thank you for sharing the opportunity to be a part of Emily 's touching a part of God in here life. praying very much for this little lamb.

  2. Thank you for being an intentional aunt, and friend :) I'll be praying for both Emily and you as you seek to love and mentor her during these years. Cooking together must be lots of fun! I love making new meals and trying them out on guinea pigs! My latest experiment was an almond flour pizza crust, since I'm eating gluten free, it was a success :)

  3. Thank you for your prayers, Katelyn. They are very much appreciated.
    It is fun cooking together. Some of the meals are things I've made for years and some are things I've never made before, so it's a fun challenge for me as well.


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