Saturday, November 9, 2013

Traveling Musings 11/09/13

Two weeks ago today I was in Arizona over the weekend. It was an unplanned visit, and a wonderfully pleasant one. Greg was working in Arizona for a week. He left on Tuesday and called me Thursday afternoon at work. He said he was staying at a nice resort in Phoenix and asked if I would like to visit there for the weekend (hmmm, let me think about that for a minute, Yes! Yes, I would). In God's providence, the weekend plans and upcoming work schedule were such that I was able to get away without being missed too much. So, Friday after work, I hopped a plane to Phoenix and returned on Tuesday morning (on the same flight as Greg). Greg was there working audio/visual production for the Arizona Jazz Festival. These out of state shows are often long hours and hard work, this one not being an exception to that rule. Greg thought it would be a good time for me to visit, though, because I could spend time within the resort and I have a step-sister in Phoenix as well (henceforth called my sister--"step" is the appropriate word to describe the mechanics of the situation but not nearly appropriate enough to describe the relationship). 

One morning, Greg spent some time showing me around his work area. I always enjoy seeing the area where he works and getting a better understanding of what he does on these big shows. 

Greg worked early morning on Friday until very late that night. I had several hours to kill before I met my sister and family for supper that evening and a rental car at my disposal, so I took a little day trip (about two hours from Phoenix) to Sedona, home of the red rock mountains. It was a lovely time (beautiful drive too). 

I had several occasions to see my sister Elan and family (every day actually). It was a surprise visit for them as well, but they incorporated me into their weekend like I lived in the area and they were expecting me. It was so good to see them. It's been far too long. Pictured above is my sister Elan, niece Julia (16), nephew Sean (14), and brother-in-law Tom. 

Pictured above is the venue where the Jazz Festival took place on day two of the event. Pictured below is the venue the day after the event ended (Greg and his boss, Dale, taking down equipment and loading the semi truck headed back to Minnesota). 
My husband works so very hard to support his family, and I'm grateful God allowed me the opportunity to see so many aspects of an out-of-town show on this trip. It increased my gratitude (and respect) for the husband God has given me. 

Well, I never actually spent any time at the resort other than sleeping, but I spent a lot of time with Elan and family, some time sightseeing on my own, and the rest of the time with Greg. A worthwhile trip, indeed, and I thank the Lord for it. 

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  1. so very nice .loved seeing them again. yes Greg is so much a blessing an a very hard worker was so nice you got to spend time seeing more of Greg 's work


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